FLESH: CyborgNation book 1

CyborgNation is a graphic novel pitch from Organic Machinery (organicmachinery.com). I worked as concept artist, colorist and making the backgrounds of FLESH, the book 1 of the comic. I also did the illustration for the cover. These were images really cool to make and I hope this project to see the light with a publishing company...

I can't publish yet all the content, but I'll begin with these ones:

"Copyright 2010 Organic Machinery Media LLC.  Story by Brian Hittle, Environments and Color by Alejandro Diaz, Character Art by Alex Pascenko"

Voyager project

These are some work pieces for a webgame project, I had to do some enviroments for the planets based on initial 3d Assets or from scratch. All the copyrights belong to Bigblockgames (bigblockgames.com). It was a short but fun thing to do, I really hope the game can be finished soon.

Dreamcatchers Trailer

This is the dreamcatchers trailer, it was the last project I worked in Colombia, I worked as enviroment concept artist... It will be a shortfilm and will be presented on theaters from September 1st.

Here are some enviroment Concept Art and Inspirational illustrations.