Goodbye Blogspot, Hello TUMBLR!!

Hello people!

Some news! right now I am working at Oriental Dreamworks in Shanghai China!!

The downside is that here the access to blogspot is very limited, so I decided to create a Tumblr which you guys can follow if you want. I am keeping that one to date and have been posting more often than here, so I hope you guys can visit :P

My new blog is:


See you guys there!!


Goodbye Supinfocom :)

Well I'm back!!

After all this time working on my graduation film at Supinfocom (Home Sweet Home) I can get back to the free time blog updating, new illustrations and new projects.

I want to say that I loved these last three years. I met a lot of cool people that I'm going to miss from now on and I hope I get to see them again so we can have a few drinks together!!

Here's a showreel with some of the projects I worked on at school, so you can have a look:

 And also I have a website now!!

Inside there's a lot of artwork from Home Sweet Home if you're curious, the film on the other hand  will be online after making the whole festival tour.

Right now I'm in Paris, where I'll be working on The Little Prince film for some time, after that we'll see.


Graduation film concept art


These last two or three months I've been working on my graduation film for supinfocom, it's a group project, in which I've had to share and learn with my three teammates a lot

These are some images that didn't make the cut, so I guess I can show them without spoiling too much, hope you like them:


More pitch illustrations :p

Graduation film pitch early research

Well this was the first of some pieces I did as a graphic research for the pitch of my graduation shortfilm


Allez la CGsphere!!!

Pour tous les CGspheres de sup publiées en octobre sur CGsphere.com

Little design I did working while I try to think of something else


"Viking" CGSphere

Well this was my CGsphere for the render exercise in school, I worked in Zbrush, Max, Vray and Photoshop. It is based in a concept art from Paul Shardlow for "How to train your dragon" hope you like it guys ;p

Some sketches

These ones are from the internship at space patrol this summer, some bad guy ^^


Random Sketches

Some sketches made during the breaks in school or internships

Internship Space Patrol Paris

These are some concept art pieces I did during the spring internship in Space Patrol in Paris. A first approach of visual development of some pitchs that are being developed there. All rights belong to Space Patrol


Entre la Lumière

3rd year shortfilm for Supinfocom Arles

Since I had already shown the concept art from the graphic bible, here they are some pics:

And some of the paintings I did for the film:

Hope you like it, I had a bunch of fun making the whole process :)


'Entre la lumière' graphic bible

Well these are some of the images of the graphic bible I made for the short film I have to do as a student of third year at Supinfocom, it's a love story, soon I will reveal more from the project


"Judgement" published in Exotique 6

You can see it on page 134, it's a really beautiful book, with many artists that will take your breath away with their creations. I can't wait for it to arrive ^^



Sketch cover

Made this first attempt for a book cover.. I will be working on this these days


Finished pieces

I worked a little more on these ones these days..


FLESH: CyborgNation book 1

CyborgNation is a graphic novel pitch from Organic Machinery (organicmachinery.com). I worked as concept artist, colorist and making the backgrounds of FLESH, the book 1 of the comic. I also did the illustration for the cover. These were images really cool to make and I hope this project to see the light with a publishing company...

I can't publish yet all the content, but I'll begin with these ones:

"Copyright 2010 Organic Machinery Media LLC.  Story by Brian Hittle, Environments and Color by Alejandro Diaz, Character Art by Alex Pascenko"